WebSight Design and 11345.com

August 4, 2009

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WebSight Design is proud to announce that we have been selected by 11345.com to redesign and re-engineer their web site. We're excited to give this project our all!11345 is Not only do they carry hundreds of items pop, rawk n' roll, cow-punk, alt-country, and garage items, as well as t-shirts, stickers, and zines from independent artists and labels,  11345 is also the exclusive mail-order provider for many webstores.The 11345 record label represents artists such as Tucker, Sandycoates, Goodfellas, Cables, Nova Come Home, and Overlap. We might post a sneak-preview of the interface later on, but rest assured that the new 11345.com will look cool and function with smooth efficiency.
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