September 3, 2009 is a non-profit organization the supports women in the areas of health, education & happiness.  They just launched their new website built by WebSight Design.  Our design team created a unique website design that reflects their mission of helping women become happy, healthy and educated.

Along with their custom design, WebSight Design also designed a custom newsletter that is attached to their contact list managed from the administrator.  The content on the site has added social networking features that let users share the articles across dozens of networking platforms.

Founded by Deborah Santana in 2008, she created a non-profit to serve the needs of women because she believes the balance of power in the world still lies in the hands of men, often bypassing the skills, intelligence, compassion, love and grace of the female gender. She want to support women as leaders, and as owners of our futures and to encourage women to grow in whatever ways bring happiness and peace.

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