Websight Design Creates Custom eCommerce Web Site for 11345

Websight Design Creates Custom eCommerce Web Site for 11345

December 16, 2009

11345, a division of Hi Fidelity Entertainment, a merchandise and marketing firm, is a provider of official band merchandise for over 100 artists, including The Beatles, Death Cab for Cutie, Green Day, Radiohead, and Santana. The company works directly with the bands resulting in the ability to sell exclusive products and in some cases be the sole source for purchasing official merchandise. Our work on this project includes:

  • Multiple Custom Web Templates
  • Customized Magento Shopping Cart
  • Customized eCommerce Sales Reports

Divided into separate sections, the website allows customers to purchase apparel, music, and various accessories, such as bags, stickers, and posters, of their favorite musicians. Additionally, over fifty artists are featured in the Official Stores area. Through the use of Magento, WebSight Design created customized skins, layouts, templates, and reporting for 11345. Magento, an open-source, high-end customizable, robust eCommerce shopping cart platform, allows for the administration of inventory control and reporting, sales reporting, and categorizing. One of its features is the ability to create unique templates through the use of modules. WebSight Design also built three custom templates to choose from to be used for the official stores. An additional custom interface was built outside of Magento to allow 11345 to provide sales and inventory reports, pulled from the main store to individual exclusive band stores.  

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