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April 22, 2010

WebSight Design Teams with Mud to Launch a New Site for Cartelligent

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WebSight Design announces the launch of a new site for Cartelligent, one of California's largest car brokers for consumers looking to buy or lease new cars.

The website was made in conjunction with Mud Worldwide, a design agency that happens to be located in Sausalito only a couple of blocks away from our offices.

After coming up with a design that would entice consumers and help the client reach its conversion goals, Mud contracted us to do the production and programming of the site.

Developed with the particular needs of Cartelligent in mind, the site has content that is easily edited through the site administrator and seamless integration with Salesforce. This feature allows the information filled out in the consultation form to be sent to the content management system developed by WebSight Design as well as Cartelligent's account with Salesforce. From there, Cartelligent consultants can easily update and build upon a prospective car buyer's profile as the car searching process continues.  

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