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June 9, 2010

A Modern Site Design for Realtor Beat Bossart

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WebSight Design has developed and designed a new website for Marin real estate agent, Beat Bossart.

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This professional and modern looking site highlights the client's real estate background and success, as well as his current featured properties. Through various home-buying resources on the website, visitors can learn about the towns that make up Marin county, the region in which Beat Bossart specializes.  Additionally, he provides access to a mortgage calculator and market conditions. As requested by the client, we provided him with a robust content management system. The property module and page manager in the site administrator allow Bossart to maintain the dynamic portions of his website. Through the property module, the client is able to add, edit, and delete properties. The page manager gives him the ability to conveniently adjust site content that needs to be updated frequently, such as the testimonials section and homepage. Additionally, we developed a database in the content management system that archives the leads generated through the contact form on the front end of the site.  
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