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June 22, 2010

Custom E-Commerce Site Launched for Amari Cream

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WebSight Design announces the launch of a site for our new e-commerce client, The company came to us with a website and vendor that did not fit the long-term needs of its business. With this in mind, our objective was to build a site that would help our client reach its revenue goals by improving its shopping cart and increasing lead generation. When a site visitor signs up for a free trial of the product, they are automatically enrolled in a continuity program. After a set time, he/she will be charged and begin receiving more of the product. With a backend administrator integrated with, a payment gateway for online merchants, and its Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) tool, the custom shopping cart solution was uniquely geared towards the website's specific requirements of these subscription-based transactions. Through a robust content management system (CMS),Amari Cream has a user permission module that allows employees to use the site administrator like a terminal. Here, the client can assign an unlimited amount of users access to the admin while controlling their permissions. This gives phone operators the ability to unsubscribe and subscribe customers from, as well as manage account information. Also through the CMS, Amari Cream can maintain the dynamic portions of its website. Unlike the system it had prior to coming to WebSight Design, this CMS is custom tailored to its needs and gives our client the ability to perform site maintenance without incurring additional charges. Amari Cream, a colorless and odorless compound, is used for added protection against the risk acquiring certain STDs. Developed by one of the nation's leading obstetrician gynecologists, Amari Cream aims to educate and help prevent the spread of new STD infections, which according to the CDC will reach approximately 19 million this year.  

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