A WSD Framework Upgrade and A New Site for Smart Meetings

A WSD Framework Upgrade and A New Site for Smart Meetings

July 7, 2010

WebSight Design is excited to announce the rollout of our new 1.5 framework with the launch of SmartMeetings.com. Smart Meetings is a magazine dedicated to providing event planners with up-to-date trends, information, and destinations of the Western region of the US. With over 2,000 hotels listed on the site and an enormous database, we took the old underlying database structure and efficiently modified it to fit the new site rather than re-inputing the data into another format. Among other various benefits for our client, the new site will:

  • Decrease website management time
  • Improve site conversion
  • Increase advertising revenue

Decreasing Website Management A few of the framework upgrades showcased in this project include a more modularized website, in-line editing, and skinning of the site administrator. Additionally, deeply integrated with Word Press, the News/Videos section of the website pulls media from the blog when they have been tagged in given categories. Improving Site Conversion The RFP process, the primary conversion goal, has been setup based on APEX industry standards and allows planners to request information directly from hotels. The new site design, conversion funnel, and content additions create clear calls to action that will increase the number of RFPs completed. User registration and modules for event planners and hotels are specifically tailored to fit the needs of each user base. Users can manage contact information and RFPs as well as register for events. Increasing Advertising Revenue Because Smart Meetings' revenue comes from the banner ads displayed on the site, we provided the client with Double Click integration that targets ads by the content of each page. With print media and advertising on the decline, we have provided the client with a strong source of online ad based revenue.  

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