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August 25, 2010

Upgraded and Custom CMS Built for

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WebSight Design is excited to announce the launch of an improved website for City Beach. As a corporate and social event center, City Beach constantly needs to keep site visitors and clients updated on news and upcoming happenings. After receiving the upgraded site design, we developed a more advanced content management system (CMS) and streamlined navigation. With these features we were able to deliver a product that allows our client to effectively and efficiently satisfy its business needs. Through the customized and robust backend, the client can make photo slideshows, upload PDFs, and manage the news module. Now, new content can be easily added on a regular basis. The navigation is integrated with the site administrator so that pages are dynamically built when entered through the CMS, giving our client the option to add and subtract pages to the website at any time. Already a company that consistently delivers some of the best services in its field, City Beach needs to represent their success and expertise online. The new website will assist them in their goal to be the market leader in the meetings, special events and team building marketplaces.  

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