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November 8, 2010

A User-Friendly Site for Burlingham Seeds

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WebSight Design is pleased to announce the recent launch of The website includes a clean design, an intermediate level content management system, and introductory search engine optimization. This user-friendly site allows visitors to easily find the resources and products they need. It is in line with Burlingham's mission to provide accurate and quick order placement and prompt service. Burlingham Seeds, located in Willamette Valley Oregon, wholesales grass seed to businesses across the nation and around the world. Products include: perennial ryegrasses, tall fescues, Kentucky bluegrasses, creeping bentgrasses, fine fescues, centipedegrass, and bermudagrass. The seed wholesaler is one of few to offer a vertically integrated cleaning, storage, and blending facility. The business is owned by Zenon Lis, the husband of Zenia Lis "“ another one of our clients. She creates jewelry and sells her products at a WSD-made site,  

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