Launches with an SEO Friendly Design Launches with an SEO Friendly Design

December 1, 2010

In November, WebSight Design launched, a new WSD 2.0 framework website which we migrated from straight HTML. Launched in conjunction with design agency meat and potatoes, the site was styled to be templated. To support this model, we developed a template-based page manager. The client can add a new page and then choose from templates that have been created. Movable content areas and the formatting and structure of the text give each page a unique feel. The main reason for the site redesign was to improve search engine optimization functionality. Film Connection has its own in-house SEO developer, who we worked closely with to deliver an extremely dynamic and SEO friendly product. Through the site administrator, there is freedom to create optimized URLs, add meta data, and add and delete pages with a content manager. In addition, navigation and images were done in text to enhance optimization. This site is particularly unique and advanced as it is a base for two other websites to come "“ Radio Connection and Recording Connection. All sites will be controlled through a core code base. They each have different front-ends and administrators, however, updates only need to be made to one code for all sites to be changed simultaneously. Film Connection is a film school alternative that gives students a structured curriculum while at the same time placing them in industry internships to network and gain real world experience- all done at a fraction of the cost of a traditional program.  

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