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January 26, 2011

The Need for Multiple Browsers

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I am a loyal Safari user (and Apple fan). Perhaps because I don't like change and I've become accustomed to and comfortable with the look and feel of this browser, I feel no need to switch. But recently, looking to add a little more excitement and safe adventure to my life, I decided to dabble with a new browser. For some reason I've never liked Firefox. I'm not too sure why, but I don't choose to use it except for testing purposes. So, I went with Chrome. But even before I had started this experiment, I would often look down at my dock and wonder why I have three browser icons in there "“ Safari, Chrome, and Firefox "“ when I prefer one so highly to all the others. Today, I got my answer. While doing local optimization research on a client, I was searching through Google Places and Yahoo! Local. Using Safari as usual, I went to the Bing Local Listing Center and was greeted with this:

Image #1

  Of course. How silly of me to assume that a Microsoft site would support an Apple or Google browser. That would make things too simple. But that's not all. There's the problem I run into when browsing on my new MacBook Air "“ when using Safari, I can't view Flash. So I have Chrome installed for when I visit those types of sites. Which, from an SEO's point of view, is a problem I should not encounter to begin with because why are people still using Flash on their sites? And there was Google's announcement that Chrome will not support H.264 and therefore is trying to make Flash the future of video on the web. And they've also pulled Mozilla onto the bandwagon. Another inconvenient battle in the larger war between Apple and Google, as if the Apple and Microsoft feud wasn't enough. So I have Safari for general usage and apparently H.264 videos, Chrome for Flash sites and extra plug-ins, and Firefox for testing and those times I need to access certain areas of Bing. Moral of the story? I need to find a new "Switzerland" browser that will make my web life simpler. And my dock a lot less cluttered.
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