Provide a quality comprehensive sex education with Get Real

Provide a quality comprehensive sex education with Get Real

May 31, 2011

WebSight Design is pleased to announce the launch of This is the latest project for our long-time client, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM). This site was built based on existing print material and showcases a program from the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts that helps to provide sex education resources to schools.

For this site, WSD assumed responsibility for a codebase created by the Education Development Center. The code was built using Drupal (a CMS Package) and Moodle (an open-source PHP web application for producing internet courses). WebSight Design implemented a Virtual Private Server (VPS),migrated the code base, and insured that the site functioned properly in its new environment. The site contains PDFs and sample material to download, as well as plenty of information on what the program is about and how it works. The site is designed to generate interest in the program so that parents, teachers, and other educators will contact PPLM and ask to have the Get Real program taught at their own schools.

The first goal of Get Real is to expand and support quality comprehensive sex education in schools through teacher training and curriculum implementation. Two different programs have been developed, Middle School Curriculum and High School Curriculum, based on common program research, Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Ed that Works. Key goals are to delay the initiation of sexual intercourse, to involve parents, to provide medically and age-appropriate information, to use a Social Emotional Learning approach, to encourage the use of protection methods when the students become sexually active, and to encourage the institutionalization of comprehensive sex education programming in schools. Get Real Education is proud to have reached nearly 14,000 students in 2010 through the 96 teachers they have trained so far at 44 schools across Massachusetts, and they won't stop there!  

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