One of WSD's own wins art award

One of WSD's own wins art award

July 24, 2011

WebSight Design's Creative Director, Stephanie Long, participated in the first annual Kayenta Street Painting Festival, where she was awarded honors for the best representation of her sponsor, the Biggest Loser's Fitness Ridge Resort, in Ivins, Utah. The drawing, shown here, was a pair of running shoes, set against the red-rock desert landscape that is home to Fitness Ridge. The drawing was 10' wide by 8' tall. Unlike many other street painting events, the drawings were not washed away at the end of the weekend but rather were allowed to fade with time and the natural elements. While representing clients well might be a stretch for many fine artists, it's second nature for WebSight Design, where we've been communicating clients' branding and sales messaging for more than 15 years. This is Stephanie's second street painting festival, having participated in the Italian Street Painting Festival in San Rafael, California, the nation's second-largest street painting event in 2006. Drawing on the asphalt with brightly colored pastels is quite a break from manipulating pixels, but is a great way to get creative juices flowing, explore different artistic perspectives, and polish design skills. Event-goers enjoy such festivals because they get to see artists at work and ask questions during the process. Interested to find out how we can visually represent your business? Contact us, and let's talk.

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