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August 18, 2011

The Sass is in the Sauce... And the Site.

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If you're a grilling or BBQ enthusiast, the WSD team strongly recommends you take a look at one of our recently launched sites - Cathy's Sassy Sauce. Cathy came to us in need of a site redesign as her old website did not aptly portray the sauce and spice that the flavor of her grilling sauce delivers. The design is now clean and easy to read while maintaining the sass of Cathy's brand. Through the site administrator she can add, edit, and delete the content on each page and manage her contact submissions. We have also integrated a WordPress blog that has been skinned to match the main site. Learn about how you can incorporate Cathy's tangy, gourmet grilling sauce into your own cooking in her site's Recipes section where fans have submitted their favorite ways to use her products.  

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