is Ready to Support Its (Virtual & Regional) Community! is Ready to Support Its (Virtual & Regional) Community!

October 13, 2011

WebSight Design is proud to launch Along with a complete redesign and update to the North Bay Council's site, the web development team has instituted a blog, member log in, event ticket purchasing option through Google Checkout, and newsletter signup form. There is also a public events calendar, though the member log in grants users access to a members only calendar too. Additionally, all email addresses and other information submitted to the newsletter signup is securely collected via Constant Contact. The North Bay Council is a public policy advocacy organization which provides assistance in the form of leadership. The Council's primary goal is to support the North Bay in ways to ensure sustainability, prosperity, and innovative.   As business and civic leaders, the seek to bolster economic health through better education, infrastructure, and governance. They want their region to be a better place to live and work. The North Bay Council has been around for 21 years, and looks forward to supporting the community with events, news, and other information about the business, life, and financial health in the area.  

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