November 10, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Adobe Abandons Mobile Flash!! Surprising? Yes. Understandable? Definitely.

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"UPDATE 8:39 A.M. PST: Adobe confirmed it willcease Flash developmenton mobile devices."

Alternating Image of a Light Bulb Flash
Click Here to See the Flash!

After years of battle with several mobile device and operating system developers, Adobe Flash has finally admitted that Flash is NOT the way of the future. That's right "¦ Adobe abandons flash for all of its future mobile software. In exchange, the company will be promoting Adobe Air, supported by the previous rival, HTML5. Adobe is has been involved with mobile software development using Flash since they released the programming tools in 1996. Since then, they have been involved with an ongoing battle with Apple, Google, and several other major companies. Flash is not preferred by these companies because of inflexibility and load time of the tool. "HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, in some cases exclusively," says Adobe VP Danny Winokur. This surprising news is an admission of defeat. While many find the Flash tool convenient and easy, developers claim loss in application performance when using in Flash's non-native language as it gets translated into other languages. With the development of Javascript, CSS, and HTML5, it's no wonder this form of development is being abandoned. Note: Websight Design works almost entirely with the fully supported Javascript. Goodbye Flash!  

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