Gets a Sleek Redesign Gets a Sleek Redesign

May 29, 2012

WSD again collaborated with stellar design team Meat and Potatoes to launch a new site for The Deflecktor is the first-of-its-kind aerodynamic wheel cover proven to cut fuel consumption of class 8 long-haul trucks. Fuel costs represent 70% of a heavy truck's cost and is the single greatest expense of long haul trucking. The Deflecktor has not only proven to offer a huge savings to the trucking industry but is a leader in innovative environmental products helping commercial industries lighten the environmental pollution load. An innovative product like the Deflecktor deserves an innovative site and WSD has provided just that. In one glance visitors to the site can easily learn the key elements of the Deflecktor wheel covers and just as quickly move through the site to purchase the landmark green product. The site flows seamlessly with beautifully displayed information on how it works, how it gets installed and how to get the process moving.  

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