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April 16, 2013

Recording Radio and Film Connection

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Untitled copyThe Recording Radio and Film Connection (RRFC) is a privately owned and operated institute offering comprehensive education in audio, film, and radio. With three separate institutes, a wide variety of production, engineering, directing, screenwriting, and broadcasting curriculums are offered. Recording Film and Radio Connection offers strait forward educational institutions: no application fees, easy admission processes, low cost curriculums, and no hidden fees. The best part of it all? They have schools in 50 states and over 100 cities, so there is no need to relocate. Keep your job, keep your living situation, and continue your education all at the same time. Students of RRFC are provided beneficial amenities including unlimited free tutoring, a private mentor, AND a personal representative who assists you with job placement and internship opportunities within your area, during your program and for one year after you graduate - for no additional cost! Classes are taught in real world settings (no classrooms) and are taught one-on-one with professionals in the industry. The Recording Connection Audio Institute offers education in audio engineering, music production, live event sound engineering, and masters programs in advanced audio. With nine genres of music to choose from, the Recording Connection Audio Institute can help you get into a professional recording studio specializing in your favorite type of music. Browse the site to get detailed information on the curriculum, read through success stories of individuals who have completed the program, and apply easily directly from the home page. The Film Connection Film Institute claims that their curriculum is "designed to get your movie idea in front of people who can get movies made." Jump into the curriculum to learn to be a film director, producer, cinematographer, or writer. The Film Connection can offer you the connections you need so your talent will be noticed. To direct, announce, DJ, newscast, or more "“ enroll into the Radio Connection Broadcasting School. Be an apprentice inside a real radio station and learn what it takes to jumpstart your radio career. The industry is built of experience and personal connections "“ a degree won't get you far, but Radio Connection will. Enroll with any of the three RRFC schools to learn from the masters and make the connections needed to be recognized in these highly competitive industries.    
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