June 13, 2013

Penguin 2.0

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Google's number one goal is to always guide users to high quality, unique, relevant sites that include clearly the information that the user is seeking. With the release of Penguin 2.0, I think Google is helping both the user AND the marketer. Penguin 2.0 is congruent with Google's goal to allow the leaders of a specific market to be the first to show up in the search engine. This forces companies, businesses, and individuals to be sure that the content they are creating and sharing is authentic, top of the line, and intelligently and creatively put together. Want your business to increase sales and beat out competitors? Of course. Want to be on the first page of a Google search? Of course. Putting effort into authentic practices of content marketing and brand positioning will organically bring your site to the top of the search engine. It allows for time and energy to be focused on making a brand to be the best in the field. The leaders of the market will be the leaders in SEO. Brand authenticity can be affected and increased by many different factors. Google looking for variety, both onsite and offsite, to determine PageRank. Quality content should be implemented onsite, as well as offsite in various other forms - video, press releases, guest blog posts, articles, etc. Social platforms for content and brand marketing can increase your ratings as well, especially Google+ and YouTube (the Google search engine loves Google platforms). Use the Google Webmaster tools available and gain ownership of your site. Use Google+ daily and build up your personal reputation. Soon, with AuthorRank in the making, your site could get a better PageRank according to your expertise of the content/industry that you write about. Google recognizes that great content comes from great writers. So, they ask, why shouldn't the author affect the ranking of the content? Google has been thinking about this for some time, and now, with Google+ (an identification platform),rel=author (a digital signature),and a verification method (Google Authorship),it won't be long before who you are and your reputation online in your field will begin affecting your page rankings. More than ever right now to become influential on the Internet, you have to take control of your online reputation and become an expert in your field. Make your website enticing and user friendly in order to have returning visitors on your site. Write interesting content so others will comment on and share what you have written. Be active on every social media platform and build your fan base. Stray away from "trying to get to the first page of Google" tactics. Instead, naturally and organically grow your brand. Stand out among competitors and you will stand out in the Google search engine.

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