June 25, 2013

Sail the SF Bay on the Schooner Gas Light

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Just in time for summer in San Francisco, (which can arguably be called a summer),WebSight Design, Inc. launched Gas Light Charter's new website - www.gaslightcharters.com. Hop aboard a private chartered yacht - designed after a traditional 1874 San Francisco Bay and Delta Scow Schooner - and sit back, relax, and sail in comfort. Sailing on the Schooner Gas Light is the perfect way to sail the SF Bay Rent the yacht with up to 50 loved ones and see the most pleasant views of San Francisco with a glass of wine in hand and a smile on your face. The WSD team designed this site to portray the rich history, design, and structure of the Schooner Gas Light. This yacht was hand made by Billy Martinelli in Sausalito, CA.  Built for luxury, stability, and comfort, the Schooner Gas Light is history within itself. Every element of the boat has a story to go along with it, and Billy invites you to come aboard and enjoy his labor while relaxing on the San Francisco Bay. The site is complete with a booking functionality, so when you decide to hop on board, everything you need to do can be found on the website. Browse through others' experiences to hear what they have to say about their time aboard the Schooner Gas Light. Monumental sails such as weddings, big gatherings such as corporate parties, and casual Friday night sunset sails on the Bay; Gas Light Charters provides an experience for everyone. To stay up to date on the latest sails, parties, and specials, hear it strait from the Captain, on his blog - the "Captain's Log." We hope you have as much fun sailing the SF Bay on the Schooner Gas Light as we did creating their website.    

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