July 1, 2013

Pacific Swimming Site Launch

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WebSight Design, Inc. is very excited to announce the launch of Pacific Swimming's new website. Pacswim.org is a high content site; WSD's design and programming teams worked diligently to clearly portray the large amount of information in an appealing and comprehensible manner. Pacific Swimming, the second largest of USA Swimming's 59 regional associations, is made up of 120 swim clubs and more than 16,000 swimmers. Their membership is centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, but their territory also includes the coastal counties of Northern California from Monterey to the Oregon border, the Stockton-Modesto area of California's Central Valley, and the Reno-Carson City-Lake Tahoe area on the California-Nevada border. With a variable meet schedule, locations, times, results, and news, this site was created for the admin to have complete control of site management. The admin panel is has a page content manager - all textual content on each page is editable. A news manager was also implemented; articles, updates, and press can be added by the admin - it is automatically posted to the news and updates tab on the home page. Because PacSwim extends into multiple locations, WSD has included a zone map in order to distinguish particulars of each area. Each zone has a subpage with it's own lists of clubs, officers, documents, news, and important links - all editable via the admin. Meets are easily added to the page via the meet panel in the administrator. According to the date, they are automatically added to 'upcoming' or 'past'. The meet admin is very flexible, admins can enter details, external links, documents, and zip files, to make it easy for users to sign up for a meet ahead of time, and also to see results after the meet has been completed. This site is stocked full of useful facts, figures, and details of competitive swimming. Rules and regulations, policies and procedures, bylaws and applications; anything you need to know, you can find here.    

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