September 5, 2013

Affiliate Partner: LitmusBox

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As we continue to highlight the incredibly talented professionals that we are fortunate to work with, it is our pleasure to feature LitmusBox. LitmusBox is a comprehensive web development and strategic design and tech company that develops fresh and effective web solutions. Paul Seymour, founder and business Director of LitmusBox, has put together a team of  experienced individuals that cover the whole spectrum - consulting, design, and development. We have formed a development partnership with Litmusbox, allowing us to utilize their skill-sets, both design and programming, which allow us to provide our clients with creative and successful results. When there is a project that we need assistance to provide innovative solutions, we know LitmusBox will not only cover the bases, but their team will provide exceptional expertise. WSD trusts LitmusBox to ensure the project is handled with comprehensive proficiency and that the client's needs are satisfied. By joining forces with creative and like minded companies like Litmusbox, it allows for growth, opportunity, and creative insight for our clients. We look forward to continuing our partnership with LitmusBox and we recommend the company with the highest respect.    

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