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September 11, 2013

Join Fest300 on their Journey of Festivals Around the World

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Does the thrill of live music, cultural festivities, and freedom of expression entice you? Do you wait all year long for summer to arrive so you can jump in the car with your friends and drive off to pure bliss for the weekend? Whether you're into live, loud music that takes over your body or a calm, meditative festival that allows for human expansion and connectivity, the world provides thousands of festivals each year to give people the chance to experience something outside of their regular life. Fest300 has been created to share with the world the opportunity and positivity of festivals - cultural, musical, ritual, traditional..all providing us with a human connection and a "collective effervescence," allowing us to get back to our roots and expand our minds to further. Founder Chip Conley has made it his mission to visit 300 festivals around the world and share his experiences with the world through his site, The Fest300 team is all about discovering and sharing the world's best festivals with the people who love them. They are creating a community in which people can share festivals and learn about new festivals, with the chance to get occasional updates on news in the festival world. If you are a culturally curious traveler and want to join the Fest300 team while they venture through festivals around the world - go here to make the pledge.    

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