Yoshi's Mobile Site

Yoshi's Mobile Site

September 18, 2013

WSD built Yoshi's a stand alone mobile site, reflecting the lively dynamic of the company and bringing Yoshi's to the forefront of web development. The mobile site allows mobile users the ability to easily browse information on both the Oakland venue and the San Francisco venue. The mobile site clearly displays the entertainment occurring in each venue with separate colors, so users can see who's playing at which venue with just a glance. The Yoshi's mobile site is almost like a mobile application - with minimal information, minimal buttons/links, and a clean design. The site gives individual show information with direct links to buy tickets, and social links to share with friends and followers to let them know what show you're attending. A search bar makes it easy for users who come to the site knowing what they want. Without excess information for users to browse, the site generates more purchases of tickets. Having your site mobile compatible is reaching the point of necessity. Over half of American adults own smartphones; when these adults are questioning what to do for the evening or looking for entertainment - the first thing they are going to do is pull out their smartphone and search on the genius device in their hand for the answer. WSD is happy to be building more mobile platforms, offering our clients responsive web design and more than one way to attract customers and users. The more readily available your company is on the web, the easier potential customers can find your business.    

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