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September 23, 2013

Mobile Applications with Tam Software Labs

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The need for mobile app development continues to rise by the day. Now, over 50% of American adults have a smartphone in their pocket, making it more vital than ever to have your site effective and aesthetically pleasing on a mobile phone. As always, the combined efforts of two talented companies allow the options of creativity and innovative design to be endless, and allow for your requirements and company's goals to be not only met, but exceeded. WSD is pleased to partner with Tam Software Labs to bring efficient, functional, and visually impressive mobile applications to our clients. Josh Mooney and Mitch Roider of Tam Software Labs are leaders in the mobile development industry. They combine their knowledge and experience to produce intuitive software and application architecture specific to each client and their user's needs. From 1999-2004 Josh was WSD's senior programmer, providing his experience and talents to WSD's clientele. After his time at WSD, Josh attended business school at Berkeley's Haas School of Business. He went on to found a Cleantech startup, Adura Technologies, that applied wireless networking technology to building controls. Josh led the product development team and helped customers dramatically reduce their energy costs. When he made the decision to develop his own development team, WSD saw the opportunity to partner with Tam to grow into the mobile application division and continue to provide clients with fresh and distinctive sites. Together, Josh and Mitch have established quite the reputation and repertoire, providing clients with inventive applications for both mobile and tablet. Josh believes in harnessing the power of the mobile platform to do new and innovative things... perhaps even making the world a better place. Josh is particularly interested in the intersection between science and mobile - helping the scientific community by enabling ordinary citizens to gather data. Together with Tam Software Labs, we specialize in iPhone and Android development and we have experience in mobile applications for a variety of sectors. As companies' products and services vary as well as the platforms used to view applications, WSD recognizes that the core principles of the mobile user experience remains the same "” accessibility, ease of use, shortened navigation, and immediate user engagement, all while adhering to iOS and Android guidelines.  

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