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October 10, 2013

Redesign of Ragghianti Freitas LLP

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WSD recently launched a redesign of Ragghianti Freitas LLP at Almost a decade ago, WSD first designed this site for RF Law, but as the years have moved forward and the look and feel of the web has changed, we wanted to provide our friends at Ragghianti Freitas a fresh new look with modern features. Ragghianti Freitas LLP has been providing quality legal services in a  wide range of legal specialties for more than 30 years. With fifteen active attorneys, RF Law  has over 200 years combined experience, regularly litigating cases in both the state and federal courts. The practice areas at Ragghianti Freitas include: business and transactions, employment and labor, estate planning and tax, litigation and appellate, mediation, municipal law, and real estate and land use. With the redesign, WSD wanted to bring attention to the experienced attorneys at Ragghianti Freitas. The new version of the site has a more extensive description of the attorneys and includes their practice areas and professional profiles, highlighting their history and specialties. Additionally, the practice areas offered are described with more detail, breaking down areas of expertise and connecting the practice with the attorneys who specialize in that area. The new site is also complete with an updated content management system, where owners of the site can easily change text, photos, and add new services or staff members. With a customized back-end, site owners can easily manage their site without knowing HTML or anything about code, therefore relying less on us as the web developers which cuts back on costs. WSD takes pride in our excellent customer service and reasonable prices, making maintaining a website as simple as possible for our clients.    

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