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December 2, 2013

Secure Your Visual Legacy with Trunx

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Lately, it is rare to see someone whip out a camera when a snapping a photo. The use of the camera has become quite unnecessary because of the device constantly carried in our pockets -  the smartphone. The majority of people (64%!) now use their mobile phone as the camera most used for every day photos. The downfall of relying on our smartphone - which is connected to the not-so-secretive internet, is privacy. The innovation of photo storage and privacy is where the brilliant minds of application development are now focusing their time. WebSight Design's latest site, Trunx, is a platform for just that. With Trunx, you can "take control of your visual legacy." Trunx offers your own secure, password protected vault in a cloud in which photos are instantly stored when snapped form your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The photos are captured using the Trunx app, and are then safely stored in the cloud - freeing up space on your smartphone and freeing your mind of the constant worry of losing all of your memories if you accidentally lose your phone. Trunx also allows you to import pictures from your photostream and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, so all photos can be securely stored in one place. With your photos stored on the cloud and not taking up gigabits of storage on your phone, you will always have space to capture that picturesque opportunity. WSD developed as a fully responsive site in order for the contents to be optimally viewed on all screen sizes. The design, navigation, and content resizes depending on browser size and whether the site is viewed from a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. The eye popping colors, layout, and mascot were designed by the talented individuals at Whistler Creative. The Trunx website is condensed mostly on one page, allowing users to easily scroll through the information provided, streamlining all traffic to one main page. The blog and support links jump to separate pages, providing additional information. Every aspect of this site is customizable in the admin, allowing site owners to edit content, photos, and navigation as they see fit. Trunx is committed to privacy. Photos and videos are saved onto the server as encrypted content, using AES256 technology. The Trunx team claims to never make your photos, videos and EchoPix (photos with sound - offered through the app) public or used for advertising purposes. You can download the app in the iTunes store. Right now, the company is offering free unlimited storage until February of 2014. Currently Trunx is solely available for iOS products, but a version will be launched for Android products in the coming months.  

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