Optimized for Mobile: Dana Green & Cherry Hill Bed & Breakfast

Optimized for Mobile: Dana Green & Cherry Hill Bed & Breakfast

December 16, 2013

We can't stress enough the importance of optimizing your website for mobile and tablet platforms; mobile and tablet web use is exponentially growing. A recent study by Morgan Stanley concluded that the mobile web will rule over desktop Internet use by 2015. Mobile web use does not just include mobile phones and tablets; the mobile world is expanding every day. There are multiple ways to connect online - Kindles, music playing devices, car electronics, photography and camcorder devices, home entertainment, video games, and wireless home appliances can now connect to the Internet. It's almost impossible to not be connected. As Internet access booms, our clients are quickly realizing the impact of having a mobile friendly website - more site traffic, more social traffic, lower bounce rate, higher average time spent on the site, and ultimately, more leads.

Our most recent client to optimize her website for mobile and tablet is Dana Green. Dana came to us with the goal to make her mobile site more convenient for her site visitors to find what they need fast. WSD's designer whipped up a fantastic design, simplifying the navigation bar and condensing the most important information onto less pages. Dana's Lafayette available listings are easily browse-able with large photos highlighting the property's features and the essential figures are listed at the top of the page with the more detailed information below. An interactive map allows users to learn about each neighborhood represented by Dana, each complete with a video of the area and the listings available. Each of Dana's social icons link directly to the respected sites, and social traffic via mobile is exploding. By directly linking viewers to social sites on mobile, it allows users to browse sites on the go. Danagreenteam.com's mobile site is clean, clear, and to the point; sure to drive visitors to immediately contact Dana.        

The owners of the historic Cherry Hill Bed and Breakfast in Petaluma have also updated their website to align with mobile standards. WSD's team re-wired and re-designed the website for ultimate ideal viewing from a mobile device. The navigation bar was enlarged and moved to the top of the mobile site, allowing for users to easily click through pages while being able to fully view the contents of the current page. Photo galleries were changed from pop up photo viewers to slideshows, which too allows users to view content while simultaneously viewing the photos. One of the greatest perks of having an optimized mobile site, is the ease of contact. The phone numbers are actively linked to contact Cherry Hill Bed & Breakfast by phone with a push of a button, and the contact form is available for those who prefer the ease of email communication. Our marketing and SEO team is looking forward to assessing traffic and mobile analytics for these two sites who have made the essential addition of mobile optimization. WSD provides clients with quarterly site analyses, which includes web, mobile, and social analytics, as well as keyword and page rank reports. Contact us today if you are interested in mobile optimization, SEO and Internet marketing services, or for any web development needs.  


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