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Next Level Microsoft: Goodbye Office & Exchange 2003

Next Level Microsoft: Goodbye Office & Exchange 2003

January 30, 2014


It's hard to believe that 2003 was over ten years ago. It's even harder to believe that some people are still using software from over ten years ago. Microsoft 2003 users are in for a big change soon; and a BIG surprise if they haven't been taking note of all of the chatter about Microsoft ending support for Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange Server 2003. Earlier this month WSD gave our two cents regarding the end of Windows XP and we hope our readers took to heart the urgency of updating the software. As of April 8th, 2014, all support will cease for XP, Office 03, and Exchange 03, leaving those users who continue to use the software vulnerable to security threats, malicious attacks, and compliance issues. Microsoft is doing their best to provide support and guidance for those making the shift. They've sent out plenty of friendly reminders and they now are offering a big promotion for Office 365, their latest software for Office platforms "“ Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. For businesses, if you sign up by the end of March you receive 30% off your invoice for the first three months. For personal use, you can try one month for free. Office 365 is entirely in a cloud "“ with Office 365 for the home, Office programs can be accessed from up to five PC's and Macs and 5 mobile devices per household. For Office 365 for business, Office tools can be accessed unlimitedly. Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is offered to users three ways: online -  hosted by a service from Microsoft, offline - with the ability to run Exchange on your own servers, and as a part of Office 365. This versatility is wonderful for the range of those who use for Exchange, from home use to corporate accounts. The versatility and availability of new software is the best gift Microsoft could give to those upgrading from 2003 software. Regardless of the time and energy needed to make the switch, it will dramatically increase your workflow and modernize your every day life.    

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