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Mary Toboni Website Launch

Mary Toboni Website Launch

May 29, 2014

M Toboni Homepage

When Mary Toboni, a top agent in San Francisco real estate, came to Websight Design to build her website we knew we needed to create a site that highlighted her stunning properties. Our goal was to design a site that converted customers and reflected Mary's 29-year career as an industry expert. The homepage of features a rotating carousel of images of beautiful properties"” grand entrances, gourmet kitchens, and rooftop decks with sweeping views.  The photographs create an inspirational mood that invites visitors to explore the website and property listings. In addition to the clean design and eye-catching photos, the site has an intuitive top navigation to help steer visitors to the information they are looking for. To strengthen Mary's biography, the About page has several customer testimonials.  These client reviews are powerful endorsements for Mary's knowledge of the overall real estate market. An essential component to any real estate site, lists properties that are for sale and those that have sold. Through the Buyer's Guide, the Seller's Guide, and the Resources sections of the website, Mary provides value-added information to visitors and shares expert tips. Here, visitor's gain inside access to Mary's knowledge on the entire process of buying and selling as well as development, renovation, and new construction. Mary simplifies the often intimidating and complicated process of purchasing or selling one's property.  More over, the guides give users a reason for coming back to the site. In the Resources section, Mary provides referrals for repairs, moving, painters, and more. A contact page with links to Mary's social media caps off the navigation.    

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