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Website Typography: Tips and Best Practices

Website Typography: Tips and Best Practices

June 13, 2014

Typography, the art, and technique of arranging type, is a key component of a website's mood and message. When considering typography, there are several important style elements that will accentuate your brand identity and make your website "pop." It may seem obvious to point out, but readability is an absolute must. Your website will be viewed on a variety of screen sizes and devices. Confirm readability by reviewing your website on multiple web browsers and devices. Once the base font and font size are determined, you can highlight the important points and emphasize messages by varying the font size. A subtle increase in font size can often do the trick. Establish the importance of varying messages by changing the font size accordingly. Lastly, give each message the space it needs to be noticed. Using negative space allows the reader to pause and absorb content. When laying out website typography is always a top-of-mind component for our designers.  Here are two examples. Monroe Gallery: Think Film Noir. The art itself derives its emotion through black and white contrast and multiple shades of grey. The font choice is an extension of the dramatic style the font becomes part of the artistic statement. Wine Country Homes: A more traditional typography. The homes are the focus here; the font and layout are intentionally used to frame the gorgeous images with essential information. Here are three award-winning sites which succeed in the creative use of topography. Kartell: The knocked-out white headline becomes part of the design.  That is to say, the typography adds to the image of metal figures and lights rather than competing with them. Font You: A site about fonts delivers a straightforward message without additional graphics. Plasticbionic: Simple black text on a white backdrop.  The inspirational messages guide the visitor to the images below. Now take a look at your website.  Are the fonts and styles you have chosen optimizing your design and branding?  

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