A large white house surrounded by palm trees, featured on the Find Everything Historic website
Find Everything Historic Microsite Launch

Find Everything Historic Microsite Launch

August 8, 2014

When the husband and wife team Peter Lane Taylor and Meggen Taylor came to us to design and develop their website, as well as provide internet marketing services, we were intrigued by their unique business model and enthusiasm for history. For the last ten years, Peter and Meggen have run an architectural consulting and sales firm focusing on historic property renovation and high-performance building design. Having worked integrally on design teams with architects, engineers, contractors, and owners, Peter and Meggen have a thorough understanding of the industry.

Find Everything Historic is the first real estate and travel destination website connecting historic property enthusiasts with the world's most unique historic real estate opportunities and lifestyle experiences.  Find Everything Historic is an indispensable lifestyle marketplace to connect historic property buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts throughout the US, Europe, and worldwide. WebSight Design is working with Peter and Meggen to build a website that has a clean look.

Landscape photos of properties and locations will welcome the visitors and invite them to explore.  Peter and Meggen's stories, inspirations, and expertise will be relayed through their blog and throughout the website in black text on a classic white background. Prior to launching the website in its entirety, Find Everything Historic has gone live with a microsite. A soft launch, so to speak, is a good strategy for when you have some content available and are still working out the development of the website. Additionally, by launching a microsite, clients can begin to acquire subscribers and a direct mailing list. Find Everything Historic is drawing traffic to the microsite with an inaugural subscriber promotion.

The website is offering a free one-month listing to 250 real estate agents, investors, restoration contractors, and others who may find the Find Everything Historic forum useful.  After the promotion, subscribers can renew as monthly or annual members. With the microsite, Find Everything Historic launched its social media feeds: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. WebSight Design worked with Find Everything Historic to build their social media pages from the ground up, with a calendar, a customized brand look, and unique hashtags. Check back this fall when Find Everything Historic's website will be in full steam.

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