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Golden State Court Reporting College

Golden State Court Reporting College

August 18, 2014

Golden State Court Reporting College provides education to those looking to dive into the field of shorthand reporting. Their programs are designed to prepare students for a career in court reporting and beyond. The college provides different programs to best assist students and offers resources for continued growth in the field.

Golden State College (GSC) was founded in 2003 is an accredited college through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The school's priority is to provide a supportive community dedicated to the education of and encouragement of students' growth.

As the online hub for the college, WSD designed and developed to incorporate the substantial amount of information in an accessible and navigable way. With natural and neutral tones, the information is what stands out. The site is designed for prospective students to get the answers they need effectively and efficiently.

Those looking to jumpstart their career in court reporting can request information through the site and also view testimonials and frequently asked questions. Financial aid is obtainable and all the forms necessary for the application process are on the site. The Golden State Court Reporting blog is frequently updated, providing information, education, and the highest quality of news from the field of shorthand reporting.

WSD is a big supporter of education and career development. It was a thrill to develop this site knowing we were helping grow Golden State College's reach to prospective students and those looking to deepen their knowledge of court reporting.

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