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Client Profile: Champlain Medical Urgent Care

Client Profile: Champlain Medical Urgent Care

August 25, 2014

Champlain Medical HomepageLake Champlain partially forms the border between New York and Vermont; its valley is one of the most populated areas of Vermont. Here, in the Champlain Valley, you can find our client Champlain Medical. With over 40 years of physician experience, Champlain Medical provides quality care that local communities have come to trust. WebSight Design partnered with Champlain Medical Urgent Care to design and develop their website. We set out to create a website that outlined Champlain Medical's expertise and unique specialties, an important touch point for patients and their families, and to highlight their Burlington Vermont Urgent Care services. Champlain Medical's brand identity "Extraordinary care, affordable price" remains static on the homepage in front of a slide show that portrays the environment of Champlain Medical Urgent Care. From the homepage, visitors can learn all about this Intermediate Care clinic where patients can be seen on an as needed basis. Urgent Care is available without appointments.  The staff ensures minimal wait times and delivers prompt, professional service. Champlain Medical also offers scheduled appointment times for Occupational Medicine. Visitors to the website can read about the clinic's other offerings, including Primary Care and FAA Physicals, performed by Senior Aviation Examiner Dr. Josh Schwartzberg. Also accessible from the homepage are links to Champlain Medical's social media pages. In developing Champlain Medical's website, we utilized best practice search engine optimization (SEO) to increase Champlain Medical's visibility within various search engines.
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