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Sage Aubrey Web Site Launch

Sage Aubrey Web Site Launch

August 28, 2014

Sage Aubrey's journey into fashion began in high school when she started a women's accessory business with her mother and sister. After graduating, Sage moved to LA and pursued opening brick and mortar and online stores. Years later, when Sage and her husband relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sage had the opportunity to visit marginalized communities throughout Asia and work with local organizations to learn first hand the issues that are plaguing women and girls. In turn, Sage started Generation Sage, a Non-Profit Organization with the global initiative to create "Accessible Education For Every Girl." In working on the development of the Sage Aubrey web site, one of our goals was to make it seamless for consumers to social share the products they "like", wanted, and/or had purchased. This goal was accomplished through:

  1. Code level SEO: We worked with Sage Aubrey's team to create original content optimized for specific keyword phrases. The resulting content is informative, relevant, and creatively geared to drive organic search optimization.
  1. Open Graph API: A "Like" button on product pages allows for users to share products to their Facebook timeline with one click. Users can also add a comment about the product they are sharing.
  1. Twitter Cards: Each product page has a Twitter Product Card. When a user clicks the Twitter icon the Tweet is automatically populated with product information (Item name and retail) plus a link back to the product page. The user also has the option to customize the Tweet with their own remarks.
  1. Pinterest Optimization: Each product page also contains a Pinterest icon that when clicked, opens up a Pinterest window with the product's photo, description and hashtag #sageaubrey.

The top navigation of the website has links to Sage Aubrey's social media pages that enables users to like and follow Sage Aubrey. LA-based firm Meat and Potatoes designed the web site.

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