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Carey Hagglund Website Launch

Carey Hagglund Website Launch

October 8, 2014


Meet Carey Hagglund.  In her alliance with Pacific Union, Carey Hagglund has consistently ranked in the Top 10 of all real estate agents in Marin County. In 2013, she earned the #2 ranking of Marin County's approximately two thousand agents. When Carey Hagglund came to WebSight Design to develop and manage her website we set out to showcase Carey's experience and integrity in her industry as well as the mission statement for her business: {Real estate}"means creating connections "” between buyer and agent, family and home, home and community." The homepage of Carey Hagglund's website, Marin Luxury Homes, is a simple grid layout that displays a rotating carousal of properties, a photo and information about a recently sold property and links to Carey Hagglund's blog as well as a neighborhood spotlight. The top navigation has links to press mentions, client testimonials, Carey's blog and a page to search properties. Carey offers valuable information to her website visitors and clients in the About Marin section of her website. If you are selling a property or looking to buy in Marin, check out Carey's website.

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