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10 Twitter Tips

10 Twitter Tips

October 24, 2014

Twitter has over 271 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets are sent per day. If you want to toss Tweets, you better learn the rules of the game. These 10 tweetable tips, sourced from HubSpot, will help you gain more followers and increase engagement. And don't forget to mind your manners - with these Twitter do's and Twitter don'ts you'll be well on your way.

  1. Be spontaneous, real, and conversational. Don't be sloppy with grammar and spelling.
  2. Encourage engagement by retweeting influencers.  Ask questions and silicate opinions. Be an authority but not from a soapbox.
  3. Study reports and know your audience: B2C customers are more engaged on the weekend. If you're B2B, best off tweeting during weekdays.
  4. Make it count. You have 140 characters to make an impression. Use URL shorteners and select your words wisely.
  5. Leverage similar businesses and publications that have large followings. Go to Twitter Analytics to see whom else your followers are following.
  6. 3 and 4 are good numbers to remember. We recommend 3-4 #hashtags per post and a photo every 3-4 posts.
  7. It's #SocialMedia. Keep dialogues & engagement top of mind. Use the 80/20 rule for how many posts (20%) should be hard sells/promoting.
  8. Be thoughtful & sincere in your replies. Stock replies like "thanks" & "yes" won't do. Be a leader by having a point of view.
  9. Make a good impression by selecting an impactful profile photo. Resize images accordingly so they appear in a sharp resolution.
  10. Don't take Twitter too seriously.  Social media should be fun and positive. Be cautious about complaining and a bad attitude.

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