Screenshot featuring the website for Pacific Union
Pacific Union Marketing and Sales Website Launch

Pacific Union Marketing and Sales Website Launch

July 28, 2015

WebSight Design (WSD) is proud to announce the launch of the Pacific Union Marketing & Sales website. WSD was responsible for production, programming, and hosting. The design of the site is responsive, easy to navigate, and also fully mobile compatible. The launch of the Pacific Union Marketing & Sales website was a collaboration between long-time colleagues Whistler Creative and WSD. The design of the site was completed by Whistler Creative which is led by Terry Whistler. Terry has been a design and branding vendor for Pacific Union for over 10 years. Pacific Union Marketing & Sales is a joint venture with Pacific Union International. The goal of Pacific Union Marketing & Sales is to provide strategic consulting to real estate developers focused on urban condominiums, homes, apartment conversions & resort communities on the West Coast. Pacific Union Marketing & Sales uses their uniquely crafted knowledge of marketing, sales, and product design to customize and manage individual marketing and sales solutions. In a constantly changing marketplace, a unique Pacific Union marketing & sales strategy is a must-have. Explore the new site and be sure to look at the Marketing & Sales skill set, executive team, and portfolio pages. The company is headed by industry professionals, some with over 30 or 40 years of experience. Executive Directors Doug Shaw and Hans Treuenfels are working on behalf of Pacific Union to meet clients' specific needs in a timely, professional, and thorough manner all are keys that lead to successful sales of new developments.

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