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Mickey Hart's Website Redesign

Mickey Hart's Website Redesign

April 21, 2016

Mickey Hart's old website on the left & his redesign on right.

Mickey Hart's previous website on the left & WSD's redesign on right.[/caption]   WebSight Design is pleased to announce the redesign of the legendary artist Mickey Hart’s website. Best known as a drummer of The Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart is also a multi-Grammy award winner, an energetic painter, an accomplished writer, and an acclaimed expert on the history and mythology of drums. Mickey is an original with an insatiable, audacious curiosity. Mickey’s website is based on a customized version of the open-source Yii framework. Yii is a high-performance PHP framework for developing web applications. By utilizing the Yii framework, WSD's developers leverage access to the large and expanding library for Rapid Application Development (RAD),while still having the flexibility to customize the framework to suit each client’s needs. showcases how flexible WSD's News module is. The homepage banner, all primary site sections, and the photo galleries feed from the News module. Of paramount concern to Mickey’s team was a timely launch and ensuring that all old URLs were properly redirected to the new site. WSD met both of these goals. Mickey's site serves as an online archive for his creations, past and present. It is a destination, for all to discover inspiration and explore.

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