Members of the Fremont Group at a conference table
Premier Private Investment Company, Fremont Group, Launches New Website

Premier Private Investment Company, Fremont Group, Launches New Website

August 1, 2016


In late 2015 Fremont Group, a premier private family investment company, engaged WebSight Design to build and redesign their website. Fremont Group sought to build a modern looking brochure website that represented the culture and professionalism of the brand. In July 2016, the new and fully responsive website went live. The roots of Fremont Group go back to the early investments of Bechtel Group, a leading global engineering and construction company founded in 1898. Fremont Group consists of five business lines: Fremont Group, BF Global, FPR Partners, Fremont Private Holdings, and Fremont Realty Capital. With that in mind, the new site was structured intentionally to allow each business model to display its distinct character, while at the same time, maintaining the overarching Fremont Group brand identity. Each business line has its own sub-navigation allowing the various entities to highlight specific elements of their work uniquely. For example, Fremont Realty Capital, the Fremont Group’s real estate private equity business unit, displays its Investment Experience page as a visual grid. Whereas, Fremont Private Holdings demonstrates its investment history in a more narrative Case Study format. And though the information is presented differently, both the FRC Investments and the FPH Case Studies are maintained & updated via the client’s custom-built content management system. Fremont Group’s website redesign also included migrating urls to the new site via 301 redirects. 301 redirects are part of the pre-launch SEO services provided by WSD. A 301 response code helps to preserve SEO juice by telling web browsers and search engine spiders, that the content from one URL has moved to a new URL.

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