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Silicon Valley Shelving: Website Redesign

Silicon Valley Shelving: Website Redesign

September 28, 2016 | By: Author Page for Leah Rosenthal


Silicon Valley Shelving (SVS) recently signed on with WebSight Design (WSD) to rebuild their website. The redesigned site launched on September 26, 2016. SVS sought to optimize the content, while maintaining the brand's principles. Additionally, SVS wanted to improve the website's functionality and modernize the graphic design. A key feature of the new site is the home page tile manager. This allows SVS to efficiently update and reorganize home page content to best highlight new promotions and points of interest. WebSight Design provided training on how to maximize and properly size banner photos to prevent distorted images. This design component aligns banners with strategic content, and provides links to both internal and external web pages.

Additionally, WebSight Design ported SVS blog content into a custom WSD blog manager. The client now has a single interface CMS for efficient, user-friendly content editing. 

The visual emphasis of the side bar layout attracts users' eyes and promotes the generation of quotes from nearly every web page. Contact details are located in the header of every page. 

WSD assigned 301 response codes to all necessary urls. A 301 redirect is a tactic used to preserve historical SEO and redirect users to the new url.  

SVS, based in San Jose, is built on the principle of offering the best products at competitive prices. The company specializes in material handling products, space organization, and office furniture. This is the first website WSD has built for SVS.

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