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Three Key Years: Website Launch

Three Key Years: Website Launch

February 20, 2017

three key years

Science has demonstrated that a child’s brain is eighty percent developed by the time he or she is three years old. Three Key Years is a campaign committed to creating awareness around how crucial it is that parents engage with their young children. The website demonstrates via science that simple activities such as talking, reading, playing, counting and singing with children from birth to three years greatly affects brain development. Early interaction with a child can and does predict a child’s life trajectory. provides parents with a Tool Kit of resources; it is also a book that can be read on the website, or purchased on Amazon. Three Key Years is the second website that Websight Design (WSD) developed for George Halvorson. WSD also developed and designed Institute for InterGroup Understanding for Mr. Halvorson. The site launched in September 2016. Mr. Halvorson indicated the key priorities for the Three Key Years  were: an elegant dynamic design, an easy-to-use content management system (CMS),search engine optimization (SEO) and responsive web design (RWD) to insure mobile compatibility on smartphones and tablets. The website was built in WordPress. WSD delivered all of the priorities within the client's budget. WSD continues to provide ongoing internet marketing services for Three Key Years and for The Institute for InterGroup Understanding.

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