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February 9, 2018

No Limit Fine Wines: Website Redesign

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 no limit fine wines logoIn January 2018 WebSight Design (WSD) launched the newly designed and rebuilt No Limit Fine Wines website. The previous site was over ten years old. The e-commerce website uses Heartland Payment Gateway with card tokenization. This enables No Limit Fine Wines to securely take a card without charging it at the time of purchase, but rather when the product ships. WSD set up a full payment terminal via the website backend, so the client can take and charge orders on both the front end and the back end.
Design-wise, WSD took No Limit Fine Wine's existing  logo and dropped it in a tab hanging down from the top. The logo resembles a wine label. Colors gold and dark red  are used as highlights and buttons. The focus is on the banner photos and product images.
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