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September 14, 2018

Shiftwork Solutions

In the summer of 2018, WebSight Design (WSD) launched a new custom developed and designed website for Shiftwork Solutions LLC. The previous website was built in WordPress.
Shiftwork Solutions LLC is the leading consulting company solving shift work problems for organizations with multi-shift operations.
The client's primary objective for the new website was to make it mobile friendly. WebSight Design incorporated the new logo design and branding into Shiftwork Solution's new website.
New marketing taglines were incorporated into the homepage carousel.  By adding text and call to actions the carousel became visually stronger and more functionally relevant than the previous image-only carousel.
Shiftwork Solutions also had several videos, now featured on the home page.
Opportunities to share pages, connect via social media, and sign up for their newsletter are readily accessible throughout the site. Shiftwork Solutions phone number appears as a click-to-call on mobile as well as at the top and bottom of every page.


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