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Joe Desuta Brings Cybersecurity Awareness To The Real Estate and Financial Services Industry

Joe Desuta Brings Cybersecurity Awareness To The Real Estate and Financial Services Industry

August 7, 2020 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

After 20 plus years of working as a technology leader and CIO within the real estate, mortgage, and financial services industries – Joe Desuta has seen his share of security incidents and observed a recurring theme. Professional services industries needed to shine a light on cybersecurity and find a scalable way to obtain educational resources that would help protect them against potential threats. 

Understanding that often the biggest threat to an organization isn't necessarily the lack of a secure infrastructure, but the unknowing actions of people within a company – he set out to solve the problem. Leveraging his real estate and technology background, Desuta established the company, Gone Phishing Consulting, to make it easy and affordable to educate an organization on how to proactively identify threats and provide a front-line defense against cybercrime.


Gone Phishing Consulting is an information security awareness and training company focused on preventing security threats through end-user education via phishing simulations. By leveraging teachable moments, phishing simulations help train staff to identify and avoid phishing attacks. Click here to read a case study about a real estate/mortgage cyberattack scenario

Desuta engaged WSD to develop his website, host his phishing service, and create his brand identity. 


Through strategic planning exercises, WSD ideated on bringing Desuta’s vision to life online. Leveraging a variety of technical and creative resources for full-service web design, development, hosting, and visual design services – WSD launched the new site on July 30, 2020. features a simple logo design and a crisp, dynamic layout that makes it easy for customers to learn about the company's Security Awareness, Technical Assessments, and Fractional CIO services.

Client Story

Image and quote by Joe Desuta

WSD's CEO Alex Paine initially met Joe in 2016 when the two worked together on a project called UpStream. Joe was the director of program management at Realtors Property Resource (RPR) and a tech lead for the project. Alex was consulting at that time for Pacific Union (which was later acquired by Compass in 2018).

As self-proclaimed technology and real estate geeks – Joe and Alex hit it off. After the project ended, they remained in touch. In 2019, WSD was engaged with Douglass Winthrop for a technology audit and planning project. As the project evolved, so did the client's need for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Recognizing that the demand outweighed WSD's existing resources, Alex reached out to Joe for his help as a co-consultant on the initiative.

Joe's diverse experience, combined with a growing demand within the industry, caused him to establish a consulting company and engage WSD for website design and development.

Whether you want to learn more about protecting your brand reputation, company, and clients from information security threats or simply want to check out our newest website, we'd like to encourage you to visit

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