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Out With The Old: When Is It Time For a Re-Design?

Out With The Old: When Is It Time For a Re-Design?

March 27, 2021 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

When it comes to websites, everything old is not new again. From vintage clothing and furniture to the resurgent sound of vinyl music – the latest styles and trends have a way of being cyclical. Technology, however, is the one domain that doesn't look back. 

Whether advanced or influenced by consumer demand, technology as a whole significantly impacts our daily lives and purchasing behaviors. Gone are the days of ‘static’ websites intentionally designed to rust. Today, the demand for user interaction, modern usability practices, google algorithms, and information security threats are just some of the reasons companies must keep up to compete.

As avid technologists, web experts, and marketers, WSD has helped companies evolve with the times and up their digital game for over twenty-five years. We've designed countless applications, websites, technology integrations, and brand strategies. We've seen companies embrace and thrive with new technologies, and we've seen some ignore the demand.

Don't let your brand get stale online. Here are a few thought-provoking ways you can tell it's time for a re-design.

Your Logo Looks A Little Tired. While your logo isn't the only thing that comprises your brand, it can be the most recognizable element attached to your image. As your business and trends change over time, the logo you loved can start to look stale. Whether you need a full re-brand or a simple refresh to update the color, icon, or wordmark – think about your business's evolution and if your logo still reflects who you are as a company. Often a subtle 'logo-lift' combined with a website makeover can do wonders for your online presence without the cost of a complete re-brand. 

It Doesn't Bring You Joy. You don't need Marie Kondo's level of expertise to determine if your site is cluttered. After a website has been around for a while, it can become heavy from years of adding extra bells and whistles to the original design. Take a look at your site content and architectural structure to see if it is still easy to navigate. Spend a few minutes browsing your site, and ask yourself if it still tells a compelling story of what your business has to offer. Are your services positioned predominately? If your website doesn't move, motivate, or excite you, it may be time to rethink your online presence.

The Colors Are Dated or Have Low Contrast. Color is one of the fastest-changing trends when it comes to website design. If your website is older, you may be using colors that were popular but are now considered gimmicky or too loud. Color is a great way to invoke a feeling – it can visually engage and welcome customers and give your site an edge. Refining your color pallet can significantly impact your image and brand. What does your site color say about you?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have a wide variety of rules to ensure websites are easy to see. Font sizes, high contrast design, and alt tags for images are all things you will want to evaluate for compliance.

If you use a BOLD RED COLOR to call users to action – seek design help immediately.

The Mobile Experience Isn’t Great. Mobile changed the game for websites years ago, but it’s hard for many to keep up. Having a mobile responsive website is only part of the solution – today, even things like image sizing ratios can contribute to a site feeling current vs. archaic. The key to a great mobile experience is to maintain a focus on usability. If your site isn't easy to navigate via mobile, you may want to talk to a designer about your mobile needs. Whether you wish to keep it simple or create an entirely different mobile experience, having a mobile strategy will help you reach customers online, increase your brand reputation, and experience business growth. 

Website Traffic Is Down. Consumers get bored easily. With digital consumption at an all-time high, it can be hard to capture and keep your consumers attention. If your website, especially your home page, has been the same for too long, people tend to lose interest and often do not return. If your traffic is falling or leveling off, you may want to consider ways to liven up visuals and keep your content fresh. Engaging a marketer to manage your online presence is a great way to help ensure your audience stays engaged. Partnering with a web designer can help you update your site’s look and feel while revamping the CSS layer behind the website – which helps boost search engine results. 

Is it time for a re-design? Start the conversation. Contact us today.

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