UC Theatre, Berkeley
An Iconic Stage: UC Theatre Pairs Music with Youth Education

An Iconic Stage: UC Theatre Pairs Music with Youth Education

April 9, 2021 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

If "all the world's a stage" and everyone merely players, as Shakespeare wrote, then perhaps finding creative inspiration is all the more meaningful.

Iconic and known for its century-long dedication to entertainment, the UC Theatre in Berkeley, California, is a fantastic community-centric music venue. Built in 1917, the theatre opened early in the film age, back when orchestras would accompany silent black-and-white movies. Today, the UC Theatre now hosts live concerts, side-walk shows, and private events.

The UC Theatre also functions as a nonprofit through its Concert Career Pathways program – a free nine-month program for young people aged 17 to 25. The program teaches the technical, creative, and business aspects of concert and event promotion through hands-on workshops, professional speakers, industry tours, and paid internships. Students learn everything from production management, stage management, sound and lighting mix and support, event budgeting, marketing, and operations.

A New Partnership

As Bay Area locals familiar with the venue, we were happy to rebuild the UC Theatre website. Working collaboratively, we re-created the UC Theatre website from scratch and under a tight deadline. Leveraging brand documents, we promptly refined the design and significantly improved the mobile usability. Our development team created a native calendar, enabling staff to manage events more efficiently. 

We are excited at the opportunity to help a local nonprofit and to see what's next for UC Theatre. Whether you want to check out one of our newest sites, donate to a great cause, or attend a live concert, we'd like to encourage you to check out theuctheatre.org and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

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Fun Facts: The UC Theatre held the record for the longest-running sequence of midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings, ending in January 1999 after 22 years. Werner Herzog ate his shoe there, on a dare from Errol Morris. (It was the premiere of Morris’ first film, Gates of Heaven, which Herzog believed would never be completed.) Orchestras frequently performed to accompany silent films. Linwood Dunn gave a talk about the special effects used in King Kong at that film’s screening. 

— Excerpt from uctheatre.org

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