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Discover Marin County With Property Expert Phillipa Criswell

Discover Marin County With Property Expert Phillipa Criswell

May 26, 2021 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

Located between San Francisco and Napa Valley, Marin County has some of the most breathtaking views in the Bay Area. From idyllic, high-end neighborhoods like Belvedere and Tiburon to the naturalistic and serene communities of San Anselmo and Fairfax, Marin's diverse landscape provides something for everyone. With just 828 square miles and a population of 258,826 people, Marin's majestic views more than make up for its modest size. 

As a long-time Belvedere resident, real estate agent Phillipa Criswell knows the ins and outs of the Marin market. In a county where the median price per neighborhood ranges from $1,039,000 for Novato to $4,985,241 for Belvedere, Phillipa's local market knowledge and 18 years of property investment experience help her clients make well-informed decisions.

A new dynamic website

Understanding the importance of digital marketing and maintaining a close connection with home buyers and sellers, Phillipa felt it was time to refresh her website and provide her clients with an enhanced online experience. 

As a WSD client since 2005, we were excited to have the opportunity to design and develop a third website for Phillipa Criswell. To kick off the project, we met with Phillipa to discuss her needs and outline objectives. Learning that modern design, web content, and communities were top priorities, we developed a new look-and-feel to showcase Marin properties and neighborhoods.

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The neighborhoods section of the website portrays what life is like in each of Marin's 13 communities. Spectacular images reflect the architectural styles and premium views within the diverse areas. At the same time, the latest stats on real estate affordability and schools work to provide holistic insight into each of the neighborhoods. 

On Phillipa's about page, fresh website content shares her journey from New Zealand to Australia and then San Francisco – switching careers from ER nurse to real estate agent before settling in Marin County. 

Whether you’d like to learn more about what life is like in Marin County, start a search for your next dream home, or check out our latest website, we’d like to encourage you to visit

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