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Fine Day For Sailing: Captain Heather Provides Private Excursions to the Bay Area and Beyond

Fine Day For Sailing: Captain Heather Provides Private Excursions to the Bay Area and Beyond

July 30, 2021 | By: Author Page for Quinn Nichols

Based in Sausalito, CA is one of the Bay Area's top charter captains. As a licensed US Coast Guard, Heather Richard is a seasoned captain for hire. Captain Heather provides an array of private sailing excursions, from whale-watching to romantic wine-sipping rides amid the shimmering sea.

An avid sailor, Heather began sailing at the age of four. Throughout her career, she has raced competitively, worked for the US Navy in Japan, a variety of charter businesses, and coached many young sailors. Heather is an active part of the Sausalito community and is currently working with a group to start the area's first boating program.

Always at home on the sea, the mother of three lives aboard in a maritime co-op. In the off-season, she enjoys long-distance sailing and spending time in her floating art studio.

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A new website 

When Heather Richard approached WSD to design a website to support her Bay Area charter services, we were excited to partner with the local sailor, artist, and community organizer again. 

One of Heather's main objectives was to use WSD's CMS instead of WordPress. Our expert design team chose to use a straightforward look and feel with easy-to-read content blocks, clickable images, a simple but bold color scheme, and lots of crisp white space for the overall layout and design.

Understanding that Heather uses her blog and Instagram feed frequently, we wove those elements into the design, ensuring the website's content was easy to access. We added contact and social media elements to make it easy for clients to connect with Heather via email, phone, text, or Airbnb experiences. 

An enduring partnership

With a BFA in sculpture from Boston University, Heather initially sought WSD's help in 2005 to develop, a site dedicated to her portrait and fine arts studio. Through Heather's introduction and support, we were introduced to the Sausalito Community Boating Center (SCBC) and subsequently partnered with them to develop 

It's always a pleasure to help serve the Sausalito and Bay Area community. We are excited to see where Heather will go next! Whether you wish to check out our latest website or want to learn about the captain's nautical journey, we'd like to encourage you to visit and follow Heather via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Airbnb


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