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Beach Boy Mike Love’s Cocktails in a Can

Beach Boy Mike Love’s Cocktails in a Can

November 4, 2022 | By: Author Page for Leah Rosenthal

Mike Love, the American singer and songwriter who is best known for co-founding the Beach Boys, recently introduced Club Kokomo Spirits, rum, gin and juice cocktails in ready-to-go cans. The name of the product line is a nod to the Beach Boys’ hit single “Kokomo.” Love partnered with Geoff Longenecker, Head of Distillery Operations at Seven Caves to develop and bring the  concept to fruition.  

In addition to Kokomojito, there are three other mixes: Afternoon Delight, Excitation, and Mystique. Crafted and produced in San Diego, Club Kokomo Spirits focuses on providing consumers with a top shelf invitation to “Get Away from it All''.

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take you to

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama

Key Largo, Montego

Baby, why don't we go? (Ooh, I wanna take you down to Kokomo)

Kokomo, The Beach Boys

In the Fall of 2022, the Club Kokomo team discovered WebSight Design (WSD) via our existing portfolio and reached out to us to build a new website.

Club Kokomo’s product label came via a contest on 99 Designs. WSD applied elements of the artwork to integrate throughout the site. One of the brand’s design objectives was to give equal time on the site to all four cocktails, each of which have its own signature color. The WSD design team offered equal representation of all four colors not only by distributing them throughout the page, but animating the logo palm tree.

Most of the content can be edited via the Content Management System (CMS), and the site was built with the considerations of a store locator and e-commerce integrations down the road.

What began as a Caribbean-inspired dream has now found its way to a modern, adaptable website.

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